Silvia Pace

Bachelor of Arts (UWA) 
Diploma of Property Services (Agency Management) 
Licensed Real Property Settlement Agent
Licensed Business Settlement Agent
Licensed Real Estate Agent
Licensed Business Agent
Certified Practicing Business Broker (CPBB) - Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AIBB)

AIBB Registered Business Valuer (RBV) 



Silvia’s career began in the industry in 1972 where over a period of several years, she gained employment at various legal, conveyancing, finance and mortgage broking firms. Silvia’s experience includes working for Yanchep Sun City (owned partly by Bond Corporation in joint venture) as Manager of their conveyancing department for some years. She worked for a Senator in Tokyo, Japan in 1978 and late that year established her own business, Space Settlement Services. This independent agency (not owned, controlled or operated by a real estate agency) has been one of the few settlement agencies licensed for both real estate and business settlements. In 1978 and 1982, after completing her Bachelor of Arts, Silvia conducted studies in Jurisprudence at the University of Western Australia’s faculty of law.


Other roles carried out include setup and Managing Directorship of the boutique William Porteous Properties in 1983, Directorship in Eagle Finance & Leasing, and Directorship of Selvark Properties Pty Ltd.

Over the years Silvia has adapted her business to cover a formidable scope of services. This allows Silvia’s clients to benefit from her Group’s ability to consult on projects that usually require a range of different professionals and involvement of several firms. Silvia’s extensive experience allows her to see the commercial realities behind documents and discover crucial elements – saving clients money and heartache.


Activities and projects undertaken by the Group include property and business settlements, contracts, negotiations (sales and leasing), special applications and licences, project management and consultancy, lease agreements, and strata titling and management, etc.


In addition, Silvia has acted as a consultant in the establishment and funding of several schools and real estate firms, coordinating administration, practice and procedures. She has been responsible for the training of selling and leasing agents, providing manuals and seminars on topics including contracts, sale conditions, leasing and duty of care, etc. In 1980 Silvia contributed to the formulation of the Settlements Agents Act and the Code of Conduct for business and property settlement agents.


As a pillar of the property and business related sectors, Silvia continues to offer guidance in industry by way of publications across the state. Silvia also runs a pro-active information campaign to keep her current and prospective clients abreast of issues that may fundamentally affect their property transactions.

Since 2014 Silvia has been heavily involved with the Australian Institute of Business Brokers on their WA State Committee as Education and Training Representative and on the National Education and Training Committee responsible for development of courses, accreditation and training of all Business Brokers nationally.

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